Thursday, June 25, 2015

As much as I have opposed the NAHBP in the past, it was good for me to play in the South West Qualifiers. I had only one aggressive call ( I made somebody fall down because I was riding too fast and close to them, Yea really). It made me realize that I like bike polo in all shapes and forms. I need to support the sport, no matter how stupid it gets or how much people argue over the rules. There were rules, yet I still had fun.... weird. The South West Bike Polo folks were great to me. I had a random team with some RADom chicks. One girl cracked her ribs day one game one. She played ten more games over the next two day and we placed +0 or 13th out of 20th place.  I was happy to achieve that, and happy to show the SW how to make a proper rear brake slide. STL>Boise>Portland>Denver> ? = The Blog Will Live ON!

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